The role of Bioethics in Rehumanising Medicine? A comment from a bioethics postgrad

I was reading this article, which is essentially about how to keep the ‘human element’ central in the practice of medicine, especially amidst all the technological advances that have been gained from reductionist methodologies. It puts this in a historical context starting from about the end of the 19th century, the rough time at which the author reports that biomedical science really began to take off.  Amongst the many threads that could be discussed, one of the topics the article outlines is how technological advances inadvertently fostered the ‘splintering of medicine’ into its current range of specialities and how this, in turn, has contributed towards the dehumanization of medical practice.  The article outlines how medical humanities came about as a response to this in an attempt to ‘re-humanize’ medical practice.  It just led me to wonder how we avoid bioethics – as arguably an area of (medical) humanities – becoming just another area of specialisation and thereby adding to the ‘splintered’ confusion…i.e. maybe in terms of the institutional systems / research networks / day-to-day practices etc that are used….Any thoughts?





2 thoughts on “The role of Bioethics in Rehumanising Medicine? A comment from a bioethics postgrad

  1. Hi Nathan,
    Thanks so much for commenting. I’m sure your article will be very helpful. Your research interests sound fascinating. Staff and students here at the Bioethics Centre in Dunedin, NZ also teach bioethics within the Medical School so I can see how the approach someone takes to such teaching is extremely important.
    Thanks again,

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